5 Romantic Date Ideas in Homewood, AL

With its trendy coffee shops and old-fashioned antique stores, Homewood captures the hearts of visitors and residents alike.

Homewood, AL—a pocket of Birmingham that takes life at a slower pace than its neighboring suburbs, which makes it the ideal spot for a date. Next time you’re in Homewood, try one of these romantic date ideas.

1. Rediscover your inner child at West Homewood Park

Pack a picnic lunch and head to West Homewood Park for a relaxing, playful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bring some sidewalk chalk or your polaroid camera for even more fun.

2. Share a cold treat at Steel City Pops

Don’t have the time or budget for a full lunch date? Head to Steel City Pops and pick out a couple creamy or fruity popsicles. Then take a stroll and browse the shops in downtown Homewood.

3. Test your teamwork skills at Breakout Games

How competitive is your date? Find out at Breakout Games. This is the perfect date to do with a couple friends. Try to see if you can solve the mystery and escape the room before time runs out!

4. Share a romantic dinner at GianMarco’s Restaurant

Spend some quality time together while you enjoy homemade in-house pasta and a glass of wine at GianMarco’s, an Italian family-owned restaurant. This enchanting taste of Italy has some of the best Italian comfort food in Birmingham, and is warm and inviting—perfect for a romantic night out.

5. Hang out at Saw’s BBQ

This classic Southern BBQ joint is laid back and chill. So get your hands messy and don’t forget to sign your names on the wall!