How to Avoid Leaving Valuables Behind

There is hardly anything more frustrating than to arrive home from a business trip or vacation, only to discover that you left something of value behind. Here are some tips to help you avoid leaving your valuables behind the next time you stay at a hotel.

Make a list of things to remember the night before you check out

Grab one of those handy notepads that hotels typically provide and write a list of everything you must remember to bring with you the next day. This will prevent forgetfulness, which is common the day you check out.

As you pack your belongings, place valuables near the door

It may sound silly, but if you have difficulty remembering to bring your valuables, place them on the floor in front of the door so that you are forced to pick them up before you leave.

Check your room thoroughly for valuables before you turn in your key card

Once you pack your vehicle and you’re about to head to the front desk to check out, search your room one last time to make sure you got everything. Here are a few places you should include in your search:

  • Check the beds, including in between the sheets, for socks, pillows, clothing items, and stuffed animals (if you have kids.)
  • Look underneath the beds, side tables, and cabinets for toys, coins, watches, and other smaller items that may have been accidentally kicked out of sight.
  • Check the closets for clothing items.
  • Check the safe for important documents and other items of value you may have stored there.
  • Look in the fridge to double-check it’s empty (don’t forget the small freezer section!)
  • Search the bathroom for hygiene products (don’t forget the shower!)

If you do one or all the above, you should be able to check out with peace of mind, knowing that you didn’t leave anything valuable behind. Of course, if for some reason you still forget something, you can always call the hotel, ask if housekeeping found the item. If you request to have it mailed to you, most hotels graciously accommodate this request!