Tips for Traveling With Kids

If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you know how much extra stress and work they can add to the trip. But most of the time, kids are capable of behaving when traveling, they just need some extra encouragement! Fortunately, there are ways to make traveling with kids easier.

1. Bring plenty of snacks

When kids get hungry, they tend to be more impatient and easily frustrated. This is why it’s smart to pack a cooler of healthy snacks such as pita and hummus, cheese sticks, nuts, fruit, and trail mix to keep them fueled in between rest stops. You can even throw in some fun treats you don’t typically buy at home, to pull out at various pit-stops along the way!

2. Anticipate boredom

Traveling isn’t as exciting or interesting for kids as it is for adults, so keep this in mind when you travel with your children. So try to bring along a new game or plan a couple of activities that are geared specifically for the younger ones in your crew. You may have to make more stops for frisbee games, picnics, or walks, but this is time well-spent when it helps your kids travel with good attitudes. Plus, you’ll be making memories, which is important too.

3. Limit screen time

Too much screen time on the road can shorten your child’s attention span, making long car rides and days spent in a hotel room miserable. It can also alter a child’s natural circadian rhythm, that is, their brain’s signal that nighttime is for sleeping. Kids who are already getting poor sleep while traveling tend to be irritable, so limiting their screen time for both the sake of their mood and their health is a good idea.

Ultimately, traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a burden. There are plenty of ways to include them in the trip, and if you anticipate their needs, they will most likely respond in a positive way.